A Toys Life/ I am Lotso is the first episode of Magical Friend Lotso

A Toy's Life/I am Lotso
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date July 4, 2011
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The Dark Prince/The Color Pink


A Lotso's Life: Lotso and the grey garbage truck toy are knocked off the garbage truck by rocks. They both go to different cities. Lotso meets Cassie, and the grey garbage truck toy meets Zoe.

I am Lotso: Lotso learns to use the Lotso Castenets, and defeats a Dark Lotso for the first time.


  • The movie titles this episode parodies are A Bug's Life and I am Legend.
  • The cat and frog garbage truck toys are the voiceovers for the next episode preview, as well as Lotso, who interupts them.
  • Lotso's arm was accidently colored the same color as Cassie's sleeve during the song "I Met You" during the part where she is carrying Lotso to her apartment.