Warning! This contains UNMARKED SPOILERS OF TOY STORY 3.

Lotso Hugging Bear is a bear who was the leader of Sunnyside. He got strapped onto a garbage truck, but then rocks hit him and he got sent to a city where he was found by a girl. He then got returned to Daisy.

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Churuya-san
  • Strawberries
  • Girly things
  • The grey garbage truck toy
  • Candy
  • Small Fib Creatures
  • Cute Things
  • Cute Pokemon
  • New York City


  • Garbage Trucks
  • Getting his fur ruined
  • Scary things
  • Getting eaten by Big Fibs
  • Flies in his fur.

Special PowersEdit

Lotso can use the Strawberry Castanets to defeat Dark Lotsos. Once, in a theater, he tried to transfrom, but he was stopped.


  • He has seen HanaDore once. He thought it was "bad they used a ripoff of him, and they should be sued."
  • He has a pink hairbrush, and pink everything.
  • He once was evil.
  • A film of his was accidently screened in public.
  • He wants to se PIBC Live.